In So Many Words

Books of Educational and Informational Comics from Larry Paros

The Origin of Everyday Words and Phrases Info-Comics A Learning Format Everyone Can Enjoy Expand Your Vocabulary Lighten Your Heart Put a Smile on Your Face Add Neurons to Your Brain

"Just so much bunk, gibberish, babble, and hokum!" is what you'll say after reading our books. The fascinating history of these and hundreds of other words and phrases at your fingertips – everything from "biting the bullet" to "shooting your bolt," from "lame ducks" and "cooked geese" to "a chicken in every pot."

Little known facts about language that will provoke, inform, and entertain you – nuggets of information with which to dazzle and amuse family and friends and lead them to a new appreciation and love of language. Never has etymology been so much fun!

Special Note to Teachers

Our books are intended both for word lovers and students of English. Through our comic book style and our playful approach, we hope to show that language can be entertaining, engaging, and interesting – which may come as a revelation to many. They are particularly appropriate for upper level high school English classes and introductory courses in college; though a similar effort, years ago was highly received in the ESL community as well.

Teachers can use the material in a way that suits them best. Each entry is offered in both the comic book format and straight text. You decide where to put the emphasis. There are also "Extras" for each entry which include Latin and Greek roots and words for vocabulary building together with suggested questions for discussion and writing on various cultural and personal issues generated by the entry.


Additionally, we have included tons of links to other language related sites and full access to our blog which has lots more on word origins, without any cost to you. Use them as freely as you like. Indulge. Enjoy!

The "In So Many Words" library

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