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Book X: One Nation... (Politics)


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Key Root for this column

Latin, specere, "to look or see."

Minor Roots

Latin: augere, "to increase."

Words and Phrases List

aspect, conspicuous, expect, inspect, introspective, prospect, respect, retrospective, species, specific, specimen, specious, spectacle, spectator, auction, augment, augmentation, augur, augury, august, author, auxiliary, inauguration

Thoughts for Today

  1. Have you ever experienced "chickens coming home to roost?"
  2. Do you believe in signs?
  3. What signs do you look for in determining a course of action?
  4. What do the signs augur for us as a nation in the days ahead?
  5. What do you tend to do when the signs are not propitious ? Do you allow things the opportunity to play out? Or do you take a more active role in trying to determine their outcome? How do you determine which approach is most appropriate?