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Book VI: People Who Love People (Personhood)

# Subject Links
1 What's Your Personality?
2 Being a Marked Person
3 On Becoming #1
4 Check Out Your Heritage
5 Where Your Likes Began
6 Sheepish Behavior
7 The Maverick in You
8 Why You Don't Fit In
9 For Only the Hip
10 Why Normal is Good
11 What Your Head Tells You
12 For the Mentally Challenged
13 How to Sound Intelligent
14 The Biggest Baseball Boner Ever
15 The Joke's On You
16 The Genius in You
17 Smelling Good
18 On Being a Wise Guy
19 A Class Act
20 How to Put On Airs
21 Your Friends and Enemies
22 Being a Good Neighbor
23 Do You Discriminate?
24 The Savage in You
25 You and the Cosmos