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Book III: Taking Your Medicine (Health)

# Subject Links
1 Your Physician's Background
2 The Origins of Mumbo Jumbo
3 Doctors and Barbers: Two of a Kind
4 Chiropractors vs. Surgeons
5 Questions for Your Doctor
6 Holistic Medicine
7 Questioning Medical Evidence
8 Your Most Important Organ
9 Loneliness and Health
10 Seeing Life Differently
11 Tuning In To Your Body
12 Various Moods and Bodily Fluids
13 Woody Allen on Depression
14 Women's Scream for Health
15 Hate Your Weight?
16 Calling Sassy People Out
17 The Secret of Good Health
18 The Magical Solution to Illness
19 Dumb People Turn to Drugs
20 What You Need to Know About Marijuana
21 Communism and the History of Drugs
22 Why Vegetables are Important
23 Making Fruit Part of your Diet