In So Many Words

Books of Educational and Informational Comics from Larry Paros


The "In So Many Words" library

Book I: What's That You Say (Language)
Free Samples (Book I)
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Book II: School Daze (Education)
Free Samples (Book Ii)
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Book III: Taking Your Medicine (Health)
Free Samples (Book III)
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Book IV: Hooking Up (Relationships)
Free Samples (Book IV)
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Book V: Playing House (Marriage and the Family)
Free Samples (Book V)
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Book VI: People Who Love People (Personhood)
Free Samples(Book VI)
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Book VII: Off to Work We Go (Employment)
Free Samples (Book VII)
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Book VIII: Making IT (Success)
Free Samples (Book VIII)
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Book IX: The Sweet Buy and Buy (Economics)
Free Samples (Book IX)
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Book X: One Nation... (Politics)
Free Samples (Book X)
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