In So Many Words

Books of Educational and Informational Comics from Larry Paros


Book V: Playing House (Marriage and the Family)

Striking Out

No matter how good a marriage, occasionally things get out of hand. Before striking out, however, you might want to strike a balance. Imagine if you will, a set of scales, allowing you the opportunity to achieve a position between the two extremes — providing a balanced perspective by simply lending equal weight to each side.

Doing so might then enable you to also strike a bargain. Ancient Greeks and Romans customarily sealed a business contract by striking or killing an animal and offering it up to the deities. What are you willing to sacrifice to keep the peace?

It doesn't take much. It could be nothing more than saying the right word, which might just strike the right chord, from the French accorder, from corda, "a harp-string." When you strike a string of a musical instrument that is finely tuned, it will make any string tuned to the same pitch vibrate sympathetically. This should enable you to not only strike the right note but also hit a sympathetic chord — allowing both you and your partner to once again make beautiful music together.