In So Many Words

Books of Educational and Informational Comics from Larry Paros


Book IV: Hooking Up (Relationships)

Drawing Conclusions

That one over there! She's stunning — just gorgeous! She looks good enough to devour; and why not?

Her roots can be found in the Late Latin gorga, "throat," causing some to gorge, gurgle, and even regurgitate. A more elegant source, however, might be the Old French gorgias, "a neckpiece" — making her into a fancy item — one you absolutely must have draped around your neck.

How we present our person to the dating world reveals a great deal about how we see ourselves and how we see others.

Whether you are a SWF or DWF or a DBF, HWP, looking for a FWB, you, as a woman, should always be "attractive" — and the entire male universe must be made aware of that.

What makes the word so powerful is the element of traction within it — "the act of drawing" or "pulling." It's also a tract of sorts, a "declaration" or compelling "appeal." Both derive from the Latin attrahere, "to draw towards," making for an attraction, which often proves fatal.

Women meanwhile please check out that handsome dude! Handsome is one of the few words we have to describe a romantic man. It's a real hands-on characterization to boot, handsome having originally meant "dexterous", "manually apt", "honest", and "straightforward." "Handsome is as handsome does", we used to say.

Handsome today has pretty much fallen on bad times, replaced, for the most part, by the hunk — the male counterpart to a "piece of ass."

When it comes to the sexual act, we all have parts to play. These roles are often assumed by the hunk and the piece and are based on mutual attraction.

Only recently, however, have some discovered that the real basis of any attraction is what people do, not how they look. The majority, meanwhile, continue to rely on the luck of the draw.