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Book II: School Daze (Education and Schooling)

Out On A Limb

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Key Root for this column

Latin: semen, seminis, "seed;"

Latin: propago, "a slip or shoot for transplanting," "to set forth, extend," "spread," or "enlarge;"

Latin: rudis, "unskilled," "rough," hence "rude."

Minor Roots


Words and Phrases List

semen, seminary, seminal, seminar, rude, erudite, rudimentary, propagate, propaganda

Thoughts for Today

  1. What's so seminal about seminars?
  2. What kind of learning goes on in seminaries?
  3. Give some examples of propaganda.
  4. How does most propaganda get propagated?
  5. Do you know anyone you'd consider erudite? What make him/her so?