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Book I: What's That You Say? (The Use and Misuse of Language)

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Key Root for this column

Latin: cand- and cend-, "glowing or iridescent," candere, "to be white or glisten," candidus, "white."

Minor Root

Latin: cingere, cinctus, "to gird or tuck in."

Words and Phrases List

candid, candidate, candle, candor, incandescent, incendiary, incense, succinct

Thoughts for Today

  1. Is it always a good thing to be candid about your feelings? Why?
  2. What are the occasions when it is better not to be?
  3. Who are the major practitioners of candid evasion today?
  4. How best to respond to it?
  5. How do succinctness and candor enter into your evaluation of a politician?