In So Many Words

Books of Educational and Informational Comics from Larry Paros


Book I: What's That You Say? (The Use and Misuse of Language)


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Key Root for this column

Latin: posterus, "coming after."

Minor Roots


Words and Phrases List

gibberish, gobbledygook, posterior, postscript, preposterous

Consider: post as a prefix, meaning "before or later." Name as many words as you can which begin with post, such as "postpone."

Thoughts for Today

  1. Do you encounter much gibberish or gobbledygook in your life?
  2. Who relies most on it most and tends to indulge in it?
  3. Why do they use it?
  4. What role does gobbledygook or gibberish play in the Media? In Politics?
  5. How can you best deal with it when it's directed towards you?