In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros


The Key Root for this column: Latin, j(i)acere, "to throw."

Minor Roots: None

Words and Phrases List

abject, abjectness, adagio, deject, dejection, ejaculate, eject, ejection, inject, injection, interject, interjection, project, projectile, projection, reject, rejection, subject, subjective, subjectivism, subjectivist, trajectory

knock one for a loop, throw it in, throw up your hands, throw in the towel, throw the baby out with the bathwater

Luther, Martin, Kepler, Johannes, Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, Bismark, Otto von Mann, Thomas, Grass, Gunther, Carlyle, Thomas

Thoughts for Today

  1. How do kids throw parents for a loop?
  2. How well do you tend to deal with rejection?
  3. Do you often project your issues onto others? What are the results?
  4. What kind of things tend to make you dejected?
  5. How do you inject yourself with renewed energy and enthusiasm?