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Becoming a Woman

The Key Roots for this column: None

Minor Roots: Latin prodesse, "to be useful or advantageous," Old French prod, "good," "gallant," or "brave," le prud'homme, the "honest and upright man," and la prudefemme, the "strong and modest woman." Latin, providens, "foreseeing" into prudens, "wise," or "discreet"

Words and Phrases List

hussy, proud, prude, providence, prudence, prudential

Thoughts for Today

  1. What do you consider the main point of this column?
  2. Do we look at a strong woman the same way we look at a strong man?
  3. List the strengths you most associate with a woman. Do the same for a man.
  4. What is a feeling of pride?
  5. What things do you most take pride in?