In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

Questioning Medical Evidence

The Key Root for this column: Greek orth "right" or "straight." and doxa, from dokein, "to suppose," or "appear to be," an "opinion" or "tenet."

Minor Root: Italian cialare, "to chatter"

Words and Phrases List

charlatan, orthodontist, orthodox, orthodoxy, unorthodox

dogma, dogmatic, dogmatism, doxology, heterodox, orthodox, paradox

chatter, quacksalvers, quacks

Thoughts for Today

  1. Consider the difference between an "opinion" and a "fact."
  2. Why do people have so many problems distinguishing between the two?
  3. List some of the things about which you are most dogmatic.
  4. Look up "truthiness." Discuss.
  5. Where is your most trustworthy source when looking for the "facts?"