In So Many Words

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Higher Grades and Better Marks

The Key Root for this column:

Latin gradire, gress- "to step;" "to walk" or "go"

Latin, signum, "mark," "sign," indication, "proof,"

Latin, facere, "to make"

Words and Phrases List

Aggress, aggression, aggressive, aggressiveness, congress, degree, egress, egression, gradable, gradation, grade, gradient, gradual, graduate, graduation, ingredient, ingress, progress, progressive, progression, regress, regressive, regression, transgress, transgression, transgressor

Assign, consign, consignment, design, designate, designer, insignia, insignificant, resign, sign, significant

Affect, affectation, affective, affection, affectionate, affecter, defect, defective, defection, defector, deficiency, deficient, deficit, effect, effectiveness, effectual, effectuate, efficacious, efficacy, efficiency, efficient, fact, factor, factorization, faction, factoid, factorial, factory, factual, fashion, fashionable, -ly, infect, infection, infectious

Mark, scholarship, stigma

Thoughts for Today

  1. How important are grades to you? Why?
  2. What do your grades say about you?
  3. How do you go about improving your grades? Why bother?
  4. What stigmas do schools perpetuate?
  5. Which students get good grades? Which ones do not? Which are you? Why is that?