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Disciplining Students

The Key Root for this column:

Latin praecipere, praecept, "to take before."

Latin, capere, capio, "to take"

Latin trahere, tract-, "to draw," or "pull along"

Latin ex, "out" and ducere, "to lead"

Latin prae, "before."

Words and Phrases List

Accept, acceptable, acceptance, apperceive, capable, capability, capacious, capacitate, capacity, capacitance, capacitor, capture, conceit, conceive, concept, conception, deceit, deceive, deception, disciple, discipline, except, exception, exceptional, incapacitate, inception, incipient, intercept, interception, occupy, perceive, perception, perceptive, precept, receipt, receptacle, reception, receptionist, recipient

Attract, contract, detract, retract, subtract, subtrahend, tractable, traction, tractor

Abduct, adduce, adduct, conduce, deduce, educate, education, induce, induction, introduce, introduction, produce, production, reduce, reduction, seduce, seduction

Thoughts for Today

  1. What is your definition of discipline?
  2. Do you consider yourself a "disciplined person?" Explain.
  3. What role does discipline play in the classroom?
  4. What makes for a real educator? Describe the primary characteristics of your favorite educator.
  5. What's in your future: training or education — or neither? Explain.