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Preparing for Graduation

The Key Root for this column:

Latin, gradire, "to step," Latin, simplus, "without a fold"

Latin circum, "around," and stare, "to stand"

Greek pompe, "religious procession"

Words and Phrases List

For gradire see Column #8;

Latin circum, "around," and stare, "to stand,"

simple, simply, duplicitous, duplicity, diploma, pomp, separate the sheep from the goats, sheepskin

circumstance, constancy, constant, constituent, constitute, constitution, constitutive, constant, cost, destitute, distance, distant, establish, establishment, extant, instance, instant, institute, institution, obstacle, obstetric, oust, prostitute, rest, restitute, restitution, restive, stability, stabilize, stabilization, stabilizer, stable, stage, stance, stanch, stanchion, stanza, statistics, station, stationary, stator, statue, stature, status, statute, statutory, stay, stet, substance, substantial, substitute, substitution, superstition, superstitious

Pomp, pompous, pomposity

Thoughts for Today

  1. What does graduation mean to you?
  2. What does it mean to your friends or family?
  3. Does having a diploma separate you from others? How so? Is that a good thing, a bad thing, or a no thing?
  4. Does having it make you a better person?
  5. How can you make best use of your diploma?