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The Pros and Cons of Testing

The Key Root for this column:

Teste derives from the Latin testa "brick," the piece of dried earth composing those pots from tersa, "dry ground," which also gave us terra, "earth," "land," "ground."

Words and Phrases List

Mediterranean, parterre, subterranean, terra, terrace, terracotta, terrain, terrestrial, terra firma, territorial, territory, test, testing, testy

Thoughts for Today

  1. What are your thoughts about tests? Do we need them? If not, what would you replace them with?
  2. How do you do on tests? Could you do better? If not, why not?
  3. What kind of student does best on tests?
  4. Do tests tell how much you know? If not, what do they reveal?
  5. Do tests make you testy? What do you feel before, during, and after taking them?