In So Many Words

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The Best Program of Study

The Key Root for this column:

Latin currus, "chariot or race course"

Latin, curerre, "to run."

Words and Phrases List

Concourse, concur, concurrency, concurrent, corral, corridor, corsair, courante, courier, course, current, currency, curriculum, curricular, cursive, cursor, cursory, discourse, excursion, incur, intercourse, occur, occurrence, precursor, recourse, recur, recurrence, recurrent, recursion, recursive, succor

Thoughts for Today

  1. What is a course of study?
  2. How is it like a race?
  3. How would you describe the curriculum you are now taking? Are there different curricula in your school?
  4. Which courses do you tend to do best in? Which worse? Why is that?
  5. Do you see your courses leading to a career?