In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

Why We Talk Turkey

The Key Root for this column: None

List of Words and Phrases

talking turkey, the eagle screams on Friday

Thoughts for Today

  1. This column is an example of folk etymology. What does that mean? How seriously should you take the story?
  2. Might the turkey be a more apt national symbol for the U.S. than the eagle? Why? Why not?
  3. What, picture, if any, are you left with of the Indian in this story? Or Indians in general?
  4. Create your own question based on this column and answer it.
  5. Do you have any thoughts about sports teams which have an Indian or Indian name in their logo, or mimic Indian behavior, such as Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians, The Washington Redskins, and the Atlanta Braves with their tomahawk chant?