In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

Making Fun of People

The Key Root for this column: Latin, satis, sati: "enough."

List of Words and Phrases

asset, sate, satiate, satiety, insatiate, insatiable, insatiately, satisfy, satisfaction, dissatisfied, unsatisfied, satire, satiric

Minor Roots: Old French: lamper, "to drink or guzzle."

List of Words and Phrases


Minor Root: Greek, sark or sarc, "flesh,"

List of Words and Phrases

Sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcophagus

Other Words and Phrases

Ribbing, kidding

Thoughts for Today

  1. Do you and your friends often engage in much kidding or ribbing?
  2. What do you call it?
  3. Does it ever cross the line where it no longer is fun? What is that line? When do you call a halt to it?
  4. Give an example of a sarcastic remark
  5. What goes into making for good satire?