In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

Why Politicians Talk Like They Do

The Key Root for this column: Latin, cand- and cend-, "glowing or iridescent; candere, "to be white or glisten," candidus, "white,"

Minor Root: Latin cingere, cinctus, "to gird or tuck in,"

Words and Phrases List

candid, candidate, candle, candor, incandescent, incendiary, incense, succinct

Thoughts for Today

  1. Is it always a good thing to be candid about your feelings? What about the value of being succinct?
  2. When is it important to be so; when not?
  3. Give an example of an incendiary remark
  4. How best to respond to it?
  5. What do you think is the relationship between most candidates for public office and candor?