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Everything you always wanted to know about this site, but were afraid to ask:

What's it all about? Click on About.

Who's responsible? Click on the Author and the Artist under "About",

What's here? A new column, twice weekly (Every Tuesday and Friday). Not surprisingly, you can find it by simply clicking on Today's Column.

Where can I find past columns? They are stored in the Archive where they are organized topically into "Books."


What then? In the Archive click on any book of interest, and it will instantly bring up all past columns, covering that particular area. You can then select any column you like in either "Graphic form" (the full comics version) or "Text only" (no illustrations).

There's tons to read and yet more to come. Our goal is to ultimately have 15-20 books and 250-300 columns online.

An example of what you will see in the Archive for each book

In addition to "Full Graphics" and "Text Only," we also have "Extras" for each column. "Extras" include key words and phrases from that column, their Latin and Greek roots, and additional words and phrases growing from those roots.

You can find a list of Extras for each book HERE

It's a fun place to see the connections between words and a way to expand your vocabulary. There are also suggested questions for further discussion and thought. "Extras" can serve as a great personal reference and a resource for teachers to use with their students.

Still can't get enough? See my Blog: Words With Larry. A new post appears every Monday.

My blog is a repository of other columns on word and phrase origins, political and social satire, and personal reflections about education. It's also a way for readers to communicate with each other and with me.

You can also reach me on Huffington Post where I post regularly.

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Are there other resources?

Additional outside resources are at your fingertips, by simply clicking on Links in the footer (at the bottom of the homepage). Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of sites for word-lovers, featuring etymology, the English language, Dictionaries and other conventional works, off the beaten track reference works, online publications, English language blogs, puns, and word games.

What's new? Coming soon, we'll be adding an "Index," allowing you to look up any particular word or phrase which will then take you directly to the column.


Sit back and... Enjoy!