In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros


Hello there. This is your captain speaking, your father — the head of the household — the first, and last word on every subject. Make no doubt about it. Father knows best — a fact, underscored when the show of the same name made its NBC radio debut in 1949 with Robert Young in the title role.

Every father has his roots in the Latin pater, patr–, making him also into a patronus, a "support," "guardian," or "protector." Our Father which art in Heaven created him in His own image. Following suit, our earthly fathers, through the execution of their duties, provide a pattern or "model" for the rest of the family.

Among his many roles is that of patron, played out at shopping centers through the proxy of his wife and children. Though such patronage tends to make him quite lovable, his patronizing nature also puts others off.

Fatherhood did not end with the family. Its expansion made for patria, creating the "fatherland," leaving us all patriotic. It also created the popular but ill–fitting paternity suit, showing that fatherhood can also be the last refuge of a scoundrel.

In the family, like any organization, it's the person at the top who really counts.

What's that you want? I'm sorry. I leave those decisions to my wife... Mother!!!!