In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

Men's Fear of Commitment

The word that strikes the greatest fear in the single man is the word "commitment." Its mere mention has been known to send him in a hasty retreat to his 'man cave.'

We commit people to mental hospitals and prisons. They're none to happy about it. Why should he?

Its roots are intimidating. Mitto, the root word meant to "send away," "to cause to let go," "to release," "dispatch," "send," or "cast off." Add com, "with" and you have committere — "to bring together." The bringing together, which the originators had in mind, occurred on the field of battle. When you initially made a commitment you were "joining together in fight" or to actually "carrying on a fight,"

All these elements are still present when entering into a committed relationship. Contemporary commitment asks also that you be released from earlier obligations, and ditto for your colleague(s). It's all pretty voluntary — people letting others free in order to come together for a common purpose, and that purpose is joining together side-by side in battle.

Could there be a scarier or more challenging a task? "That's pretty crazy stuff," say some — almost enough to get one committed.