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Before there was "In So Many Words," there was "A Word with you." Fifteen years ago, a time in the infancy of the internet, that unique website captured the attention of multitudes of readers. It received dozens of awards, including acclaim from Details magazine and the Dummies Daily. It was declared a "Hot" site by USA Today and a "Cool" site by Yahoo, and in little more than a year, attracted a quarter of a million visitors and several thousand subscribers from all over the world who received the column daily with their email. Alas, after several years , the site closed, not because of lack of interest, but because of financial constraints.

Blue Cover, Book of Lawrence ParosBRed Cover, Book of Lawrence Paros

The author (that's me) collected the best of these columns and created a unique two volume work, entitled, "A Word with You America" - something which should be on everyone's bookshelf. And that includes you.

"Bunk, gibberish, babble, and hokum," you say. Indeed, all that and more. That is, in fact, what you'll be muttering after reading these books-the fascinating history of these and hundreds of other words and phrases - everything from "biting the bullet" to "shooting your bolt," from "lame ducks," and cooked geese" to a "chicken in every pot" - hundreds of little known facts about language, precious nuggets of information with which to entertain yourself and to dazzle and amuse both family and friends. Never has etymology been so much fun.

We have now turned our attention and energy to "In So Many Words " and the comic book format. But we still want to make copies of "A Word with You America " available to interested readers. They make great collector items, and are also especially effective in the classroom. If you 're a teacher, let us know through the contact form, and we can make free copies available to you. Others can contribute a paltry $5.99 per set (That's for both volumes). Shipping is free. But supplies are limited. Get yours today.

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