If It Walks Like …


Consider this a slight digression into fowl territory and an effort to make things ducky.

Lord love a duck!… “Good heavens” (c. 1917). Look, at the ease with which he takes to water and how troubles just roll off his back.

In the early 19th century, he was a duck of a fellow, “a lovely or fine example,” and when  ducky,  a real “sweetheart .”

But as easily as he ducks into water, we’ve been ducking (late19th C.) to get away from someone, keeping out of sight by copping or doing a duck (c.1889), or by just ducking out — thus “evading responsibility.”

We finally became responsible during the 1970s, by having all our ducks in a row, lining them up — “arranging our affairs in a business-like manner.” Unfortunately, sitting ducks have long been an easy target, individually or all in a row, increasing the likelihood of their ending up as duck soup (c.1902). This makes it a “breeze,” an “easily accomplished task,” thanks to T.A. Dorgan, the noted cartoonist and wordsmith.

Have we been  playing  ducks and drakes (19th C.) all along —   just “wasting your time foolishly?” Can a duck swim? “Emphatically  yes” (c.1892).

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