In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros


Larry Paros is a writer, teacher, lecturer and professional ne'er-do-well. He is also a character featured in "In So Many Words." His published works range from education and etymology to children's books. Included among them are: The Great American Cliché, A Word with You America, The Erotic Tongue, Bawdy Language, and Smashcaps.

He has also been an op-ed page columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and a commentator on KUOW-FM, the NPR affiliate in Seattle. As a filmmaker he produced and directed The Journey, the story of an immigrant's trek to America and Walk Right In, the story of the other Yale. His evil twin has been a master teacher whose work in alternative education has received national recognition; and a neuroscientist who helped design and market a unique device for the treatment of stress.

Larry Paros, author of In So Many Words