In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

Holistic Medicine

Looking for the whole story about your health? It starts with the Old English hal, "unwounded" or "unhurt", which makes us hale. It also created the offshoot haelen, "to make (w)hole," initiating the healing process which, in turn, left us in good health.

During the course of the 15th century, we added the "w," making things whole and wholesome, both of which continued to convey healthiness.

This all made eminently good sense. After all, when you are healthy, you are indeed whole. You literally have it all together. As for the term, "Holistic health," could anything be more redundant?

Holistic medicine speaks to wholeness — how your inner life helps inform and shape your total physical well-being. But just as it's important not to summarily dismiss holistic practices as some New Age fantasy, it's equally important to understand the role traditional medicine plays — to maintain a total perspective, namely the whole picture, making your approach towards your body, truly holistic.

Your body is a sacred vessel. Its state of balance or wholeness also contributes to making things holy which speaks to the state of your ultimate health — that of unity and oneness with all.