In So Many Words

Info-Comics by Larry Paros

The Best Program of Study

Education, like a fine meal, is noted for its many courses. They have been prepared courtesy of the Latin currus, "chariot or race course" and curerre, "to run."

Running courses give students a head start in life. They contain important life lessons — such as getting a leg up on others. It shows them the path to success and puts them on a pace to succeed.

Not everyone, however, is inclined to the challenge. Some are slow and cannot keep up. Others have a poor attitude and don't take the race seriously, considering it merely something to be run through. Collectively, this group is known as the "also-rans," or the "losers."

The supply of courses is endless, and there are always new ones to be run. To make room for them all, currus' diminutive reduced each into a "little race course." It then subsumed them within a larger program of study, creating what is called the curriculum.

The purpose of the curriculum is to put everyone on the right track — and to keep them there. The most common types of tracks are: "college," "vocational," or "general" — making it convenient for authorities to track you by ability, and prepare you properly for your future career in — you guessed it — the rat race. Of course, the winner of the rat race - as many are quick to point out - is always a rat.